Many people may be tempted to visit Sardinia for it glitzy, star-studded Costa Smerelda  or Sicily for its historical and cultural heritage. Others may be attracted by the family friendly resorts and nightlife of package deals in the Balearic and Greek Islands, but fewer people consider Corsica.

But I love Corsica, a beautiful French island, off the coast of Italy and would definitely recommend it to you as your next holiday destination. One of its best features is it’s unspoilt beaches so here are a few of my favourites in the Balagne area.

1. Bodri Beach

Along the East Coast there are numerous beautiful, unspoilt beaches but my favourite half way between Calvi and I’lle Rousse is called Bodri. It has clear white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, is skirted by sand dunes and has a small snack bar.There is a pleasant walk to the beach from the Car Park, crossing over a train track which links many of the beaches along the coastline from Calvi to I’ll Rousse. In high season when the train runs regularly, one option might be to visit several of these beaches on one day, jumping on and off this quaint little train as it meanders along the coastline.

2. Algajola Beach

Another delightful beach along the train track is in the charming village of Algajola, which has a long stretch of beach, with numerous cafes, shops selling holiday essentials and restaurants nearby.  It was here I had my best meal ever at ‘Le Chariot’ Restaurant on my first visit, which you can find it in the village’s quaint village square. Definitely a good reason for making it your next holiday destination.

3. Calvi Beach

The third beach which might tempt you to make it your next holiday destination is Calvi beach itself. I visited it for the first time on this visit and was pleasantly surprised. It is approached via a pleasant pine wood offering cool shade for people walking to the beach, but there is plenty of parking very close to the beach itself. There are sun loungers to lie on, so just lay back and take in the tremendous views of the citadel, whilst the children play on the clean golden sands beside you.

There are a selection of cafes and restaurants along this long stretch of beach, often considered to be one of the best beaches on the island. This one offered spectacular views of the citadel and considering it’s location, the food was competitively priced and sounded delicious.

There are many other beaches to visit along this coastline with some only being reached by boat. No beaches have life guards present but most  have shallow water.

So have I convinced you to make Corsica your next holiday destination?

I will talk about it’s other assets in further blog posts coming soon.

So until then,

Jill Gregory- My Timeless Style