I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love to discover new cafes to have a tea, coffee or more in my home town, because as you may know, I spend a lot of time in them. So you can imagine my delight when I saw changes being made to an already established cafe on Bury St Edmund’s beautiful Angel Hill. It was originally known as Scandinavia Coffee House, a cute cafe where you might take your mum or Nan for lunch.

I couldn’t wait to see what was happening ( it was obviously closed for refurbishment), so popped my head in the door to be met by its friendly owner who told me it was going to open the next day (although not yet quite complete). So I set a date in my diary to revisit this new cafe in Bury St Edmunds when it was complete and up and running.

I could see even at this point that it was going to have a wider attraction as it had some interesting modern features which I discovered were made by a local artist Dappraviation (David Palmer), who makes artefacts – clocks, tables and other furniture from aviation parts and locally sourced woods. These are all for sale in the cafe, continuing the tradition in several other independent cafes in Bury St Edmunds of selling unique pieces of artwork by local artists. However to retain its place as a community cafe it planned to recycle the rest of the furniture originally in Scandinavia Coffee House. To see how the cafe was redeveloped check out their Instagram account @no.5angelhill. I also found out that the Cafe will later be opened in the evening also as a wine bar, which should go down well in Bury St Edmunds.

My first visit to this new cafe was with a fellow Blogger who also supports local businesses and loves a good cafe too. It was in the school holidays and the cafe was already very busy with people of all ages keen to try out this new venture.

Service was prompt (my friend was on her lunch break so this was helpful) and although busy we soon received our choices for lunch. I has a delicious Avocado and Egg on Sourdough bread (I know very predicable and trendy but I love it) and my friend had her favourite sandwich choice. Both came with a large and delicious salad (I’m not sure what the dressing was but I loved it).

The menu included a range of breakfast options (note to self – return for those American Pancakes), including Eggs Benedict (also a favourite) and croissants. The Brunch/Lunch  menu includes a range of delights on toasted sourdough (my most favourite bread ever), jackets, sandwiches and savoury bakes. Coffees are locally roasted with the usual range available but I was delighted to see this included cafetieres – a dying breed these days. I had a delicious fruit tea (I’m a fan and make a mental list of my favourites in this little town) so added this one to my list.

My second visit to this new cafe was recently with two different Blogger/Instagram friends, this time just for a coffee and a croissant. We were really pleased that this time we were able to sit on the quirky sofa near the entrance, which I understand has been nicknamed “Angel Perk”, so my friend definitely came dressed in the right attire. Again our choices arrived promptly and we enjoyed a good catch up in a comfortable environment, watching the world go by on Bury’s beautiful and historic Angel Hill.

So if you are in Bury St Edmunds and are looking for a stop off for brunch, lunch or just a coffee and cake in a trendy cafe with great food and drink I would definitely recommend this new little cafe.

Until next time ,

Jill Gregory – mytimelessstyle

Follow the progress of this cafe on Instagram: @no5AngelHill

Check out the work of the Artist/Designer : @dappraviation